About Me, Paul And Why sterr?

About StdErr

If you code any bash in Linux you possibly know what stderr is. It means “Standard Error” (std err) - it’s basically any error message.

Most things I have done on computers have been because of playing around with them, breaking them, then desperately trying to figure out what I did wrong and how to fix it. There have been a lot of Standard Error messages in my life, so “stderr.me” seemed so fitting for my IT journey.

Computer Frustration!


There are a lot of websites that tell you “How To”, I think I could make a massive site on “How NOT To”, I have found so many ways how not to do lots of things on a computer :) I could make a series of web sites - “How to break a Windows PC”, “How to break a Linux PC”, “How to break an Android smartphone”, “How to break a tablet” … 😄

My Operating System of choice is Linux - desktop or server. I have used every version of Microsoft Windows since 3.1 up to Windows 10 and used MS DOS before that. I have used Windows extensively, though Linux is what I really enjoy working on.

This site is to a collection of ramblings of things I thought were interesting, helpful, or maybe I just felt a need to write about a subject.

I find that there is simply so much to remember with computing, that when you get something to work out right - write it down! I have spent may hours, days weeks searching online for help and answers to problems, so hopefully I can provide a few answers to stuff I have work out for others on this site. Actually, I am a big proponent of taking notes, I use a note taking application called Joplin - it’s open source, secure, multi platform and allows you to divide notes into various sections and sub sections.

If there aren’t that may article here yet, then the chances are that it’s now long since I started the site and there is only so many hours in the day to write articles, after all I have to spend a lot of time trying to fix other things I have broken 😏